Sub-Saharan Africa Workshop

The AgMIP Sub-Saharan Africa Workshop has held January 16th-20th, 2012 at the Fairmont Mount Kenya Hotel in Kenya and focused on AgMIP research and coordination in Sub-Saharan Africa to:

  • Raise awareness of AgMIP objectives, activities, and outcomes for Sub-Saharan Africa;

  • Determine key climate variability and change related questions for agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa;

  • Demonstrate and build capacity for the research activities described in the AgMIP Protocols at pilot locations in Sub-Saharan Africa using multiple models to understand important uncertainties; and

  • Build a transdisciplinary AgMIP Sub-Saharan Africa Program with regional agricultural scientists including experts in agronomy, climate, agricultural economics, and information technologies.

  • Representatives of leading crop modeling, climate, and economics groups from around the world attended to build and intercompare simulations of Sub-Saharan African crops and markets.

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