Amsterdam Workshop

The Amsterdam Workshop was held April 8th-9th, 2011 at the Dorint Hotel in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This AgMIP Workshop had a particular emphasis on the proposed AgMIP pilot project on wheat model intercomparison to quantify the uncertainty of crop model simulations for climate change impact and adaptation studies at a global scale. There was also planning for similar model intercomparisons for other crops such as maize, and we used this opportunity to discuss overall AgMIP plans and goals (particularly for Europe).

The goals of this workshop were to:

  • Review AgMIP status by team and participant group

  • Discuss wheat modeling pilot exercise and agree on a minimum set of simulations required for publication.

  • Agree on protocols, data exchanges, and timelines for wheat modeling exercise.

  • Initiate parallel crop model intercomparison exercises for other crops.

  • Discuss current and future IT needs in AgMIP with emphasis on crop modeling.