2nd Global TOA-MD Modeling Course

A TOA-MD modeling course will be offered Spring 2013, involving self-guided learning, webinars and a workshop on June 17-21 at Oregon State University. Individuals interested in participating are asked to submit an application by February 15, 2013.

TOA-MD is a novel modeling approach to simulate agricultural technology adoption and to assess technology impacts, ecosystem service supply, and impacts of environmental change (including climate change). More information about TOA-MD is available at tradeoffs.oregonstate.edu., as well as information and photos from the 1st Global TOA-MD workshop held in June 2012.

The goal of the course is for researchers to learn how to use the TOA-MD model with data from their own projects. This course is designed primarily for economists and other scientists and graduate students with a background in agricultural economics at the graduate level, including knowledge of advanced statistical concepts and simulation modeling. Individuals lacking this background may apply, but are cautioned that the instructors are not able to provide remedial training in economics and statistics. Instructors are John Antle and Roberto Valdivia (Oregon State University) and Jetse Stoorvogel (Wageningen University). The course will involve self-guided learning, two on-line webinars and a one-week workshop at Oregon State University.

This course is offered by the Tradeoff Analysis Project at Oregon State University for individual professional development of the participants, and is not an official course of Oregon State University or Wageningen University. Individuals completing the course will receive a certificate from the instructors certifying that they took the course.

For more information please download the TOA-MD Modeling Course PDF or visit the website at tradeoffs.oregonstate.edu.