AgMIP – TOA-MD Workshop


Date: 04/29/2013 – 05/03/2013

Location: Coral Deira Dubai Hotel

Project Presentation Template -PowerPoint document to be submitted to the TOA-MD Team by April 22

Draft agenda pdf

Visa Information – Word document

Hotel Logistics pdf

The goal of the meeting is to build on the fast-track analysis and implement a complete climate impact assessment and technology adaptation analysis for at least one regional case study for each Regional Team. Therefore the teams should come prepared with their fast-track models and with data ready to extend the fast-track analysis from a single crop to the full system, as well as data for other study areas if possible. To the extent possible, we encourage you to go ahead and extend your fast-track analysis to the full system before coming to the workshop (meaning, to have organized and cleaned your data, and have estimated parameters needed for TOA-MD), and also to design and experiment with adaptation scenarios for the fast-track system and for systems in other study areas if possible. This means that the teams should bring their survey data, simulated data from crop models and other relevant data/information. At the workshop we want to focus on issues related to running and interpreting model output, so you will not have time during the workshop to clean and analyze survey data, that should be done before the Dubai workshop.

In preparation for the meeting, the regional economists are requested to submit the following information for their fast-track study area (and additional study areas if available) to the TOA-MD team ( no later than April 22, 2013:

  • A PowerPoint presentation based on the attached template
    (to be presented the first day of the workshop –see agenda).
  • DevRAP matrix and RAPs full narratives
  • TOA-MD Input data files
  • TOA-MD Output files (results)