Submission Extension Announcement

Opportunity to Co-lead AgMIP


The Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP) is considering candidates to join its leadership team.

Submissions will be accepted through 23:59pm EDT, May 15, 2017.

AgMIP ( is a major international collaborative effort coordinating the climate, crop, livestock, and economics modeling communities and nutrition scientists to conduct improved integrated assessments of stresses facing the agricultural sector and interventions to overcome them. Currently, AgMIP has over 850 participants from more than 45 countries contributing their expertise to over 30 projects and activities.

AgMIP has three research pillars: Coordinated Global and Regional Assessments; Next Generation Knowledge, Data & Tools; and, Modeling for Sustainable Farming Systems. Underway AgMIP initiatives include global crop model intercomparisons, global economic assessments, regional integrated assessments, data and tools to facilitate model improvement as well as multi-model and multi-discipline assessments, and cross-cutting themes to help interpret agricultural model results for decision-making. AgMIP operates under a living Charter that provides guidance on operations, standards, and protocols for its work. Characteristics of the Role

AgMIP is led by Co-Principal Investigators[1] who jointly responsible for the leadership and further development of pillars, partnerships, and programs in agricultural systems modeling. They retain their primary appointment at their host institution, and contribute leadership to AgMIP from that location to advance a community of collaborators, endorsed by an internationally acclaimed Steering Council and enabled by a Coordination Team that supports the enterprise with collaborative management, communications and outreach, and operations oversight.


  1. Develop new initiatives to keep AgMIP at forefront of agricultural systems modeling
  2. Lead major proposals
  3. Contribute to shared fundraising in support of AgMIP coordination including major annual workshops and underway programs of collaboration
  4. Provide oversight to AgMIP pillars and related activities
  5. Be an AgMIP Ambassador to national and international meetings and forums
  6. Participate in scheduled calls and meetings with other co-PIs to review AgMIP progress

Candidates are experts and recognized leaders with academic qualifications in relevant subjects, and preferably a doctoral degree in the natural or social sciences, who lead research that integrates agricultural disciplines including crop data and modeling, agricultural economics, nutrition and food security, land use, policy and decision making, crop experimentation, and climate variability and change, among others.

For this call, the candidates specializing in crop and/or livestock data and modeling, agricultural economics, nutrition and food security, and/or policy and decision making sectors, from academic, government, non-government, or international (e.g., CGIAR) organizations are of strongly encouraged to submit expressions of interest (see also below).

Candidates will have demonstrated senior management experience in multicultural and/or multidisciplinary research environments, with demonstrated capacity to work collaboratively within a multidisciplinary, multicultural setting, and with sensitivity to issues related to gender, diversity and inclusion. Candidates having extensive experience in agricultural systems management in developing countries; established reputation in research and/or development of agricultural systems management; senior management experience in research, development or training institutions; extensive fundraising experience and familiarity with the relevant donor community; having strong networks in relevant research and development organizations; and demonstrated ability to build and sustain partnerships are encouraged to apply.

Terms of service
The AgMIP Co-PI is a voluntary professional role executed according to the requirements of the host institution of the successful candidate. Compensation may be enabled at a level consistent with the candidate’s primary appointment at their host institution through grant making or gifts to the host institution, in collaboration with AgMIP. The initial period of the co-PI role is 5 years and is renewable once, with a second sequential renewal possible only under extenuating circumstances.

Interested qualified candidates are requested to submit 1) a letter of interest, 2) a brief (5 pages or less) curriculum vitae, and 3) a letter of support from a higher authority at their host institution as PDF attachments to e-mail directed to

Submissions are due by 23:59 Eastern Daylight Time, May 15, 2017.

Submissions will be assessed by a sub-committee of the AgMIP Steering Council. A short list of recommended candidates will be provided to the Steering Council Co-Chairs, who will meet with the current AgMIP co-PIs to complete the selection process. Applicants will receive confirmation of materials received; outcomes of short-list process; and final selections. Decisions are anticipated by mid-July 2017.

Questions may be directed to Please include a call-back number to facilitate timely feedback.

[1] Adjustments to the title of this role are under consideration by the Steering Council.