John Porter named WHEAT Independent Steering Committee Chair

AgMIP Steering Council member named Chairperson of the Independent Steering Committee for Global Wheat Research

John R. Porter, member of the Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Program’s (AgMIP) Steering Council, has been named chairperson of the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) Research Program on Wheat (WHEAT) Independent Steering Committee. As chairperson, Porter will lead the Steering Committee in advising WHEAT’s research strategy, priorities and project management.

Porter has been a member of AgMIP’s Steering Council since 2015 and a member of WHEAT’s Steering Committee since 2014. His research contributions are significant in crop ecology, physiology, biological modelling, and agricultural ecology, with focus on climate change, agronomy, and ecosystem services. An internationally recognized scientist, he has served as president of the European Society for Agronomy, was Chief Editor of the European Journal of Agronomy, and was Coordinating Lead Author for the 5th Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group II Chapter on Food Security and Food Production Systems.

The full release is available to read on the WHEAT website here.