Economics Teams to host joint meeting


The Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP) Global Economics Team and Regional Economics Team will be co-hosting a joint conference March 8-9, 2018, to discuss frameworks to link biophysical and socioeconomic models and data at local to global scales. Motivated by AgMIP’s Coordinated Global and Regional Assessments (CGRA) research pillar, this conference will advance the collaboration and coordination between global and regional economics studies to ultimately improve AgMIP research outcomes.

The two-day workshop will be hosted by the European Commission Joint Research Centre. More information on the event can be found on the workshop website here.

Workshop Objectives

To gather expertise in the field of climate change economics, especially regarding long-term scenario analysis and use of big data from climate and biophysical models.
To report about ongoing work within AgMIP in the fields of regional and global economic modeling and scenario analysis (i.e. economic impacts of climate change, role of mitigation policies impacts, adaptation strategies, food security spill-overs, …)
To harmonize the use of scenario narratives between the regional and global economics groups (i.e. regional elements in global narratives and global elements in regional narratives, RAPs and SSPs)
To identify synergies and potential joint work in light of the AR6
To plan products and activities for global and regional economics at the AgMIP 7th Global Workshop