AgMIP – TOA-MD Workshop


Date: 04/29/2013 – 05/03/2013
Location: Coral Deira Dubai Hotel
Project Presentation Template -PowerPoint document to be submitted to the TOA-MD Team by April 22
Draft agenda pdf
Visa Information – Word document
Hotel Logistics pdf

The goal of the meeting is to build on the fast-track analysis and implement a complete climate impact assessment and technology adaptation analysis for at least one regional case study for each Regional Team. Therefore the teams should come prepared with their fast-track models and with data ready to extend the fast-track analysis from a single crop to the full system, as well as data for other study areas if possible. To the extent possible, we encourage you to go ahead and extend your fast-track analysis to the full system before coming to the workshop (meaning, to have organized and cleaned your data, and have estimated parameters needed for TOA-MD), and also to design and experiment with adaptation scenarios for the fast-track system and for systems in other study areas if possible. (more…)

2nd Global TOA-MD Modeling Course

A TOA-MD modeling course will be offered Spring 2013, involving self-guided learning, webinars and a workshop on June 17-21 at Oregon State University. Individuals interested in participating are asked to submit an application by February 15, 2013.

TOA-MD is a novel modeling approach to simulate agricultural technology adoption and to assess technology impacts, ecosystem service supply, and impacts of environmental change (including climate change). More information about TOA-MD is available at, as well as information and photos from the 1st Global TOA-MD workshop held in June 2012. (more…)