AgMIP – TOA-MD Workshop


Date: 04/29/2013 – 05/03/2013
Location: Coral Deira Dubai Hotel
Project Presentation Template -PowerPoint document to be submitted to the TOA-MD Team by April 22
Draft agenda pdf
Visa Information – Word document
Hotel Logistics pdf

The goal of the meeting is to build on the fast-track analysis and implement a complete climate impact assessment and technology adaptation analysis for at least one regional case study for each Regional Team. Therefore the teams should come prepared with their fast-track models and with data ready to extend the fast-track analysis from a single crop to the full system, as well as data for other study areas if possible. To the extent possible, we encourage you to go ahead and extend your fast-track analysis to the full system before coming to the workshop (meaning, to have organized and cleaned your data, and have estimated parameters needed for TOA-MD), and also to design and experiment with adaptation scenarios for the fast-track system and for systems in other study areas if possible. (more…)

Multiple Crop Model Training Program

Multiple Crop Model Training Overview: With partial support of DFID/UKaid, ICRISAT/CCAFS, and CIMMYT/CSISA, AgMIP is conducting a training course to enable researchers to utilize multiple crop models and AgMIP software tools to conduct Regional Integrated Assessments of crop production and food security. With a focus on experienced crop modelers who are advancing AgMIP Protocol-driven research in South Asia (SA) and Sub Saharan Africa (SSA), the training will expand modelers’ knowledge base to include DSSAT or APSIM methods. Additionally, the sessions will train a small number of experienced crop modelers as Trainers capable of providing instruction and/or guidance to other researchers in SA and SSA. (more…)

2013 Training program on DSSAT version 4

The DSSAT Foundation, in collaboration with Washington State University, the University of Florida, the International Fertilizer Development Center, the University of Georgia, and various other institutions, will host a Training Program on DSSAT entitled DSSAT 2013 – “Assessing Crop Production, Nutrient Management, Climatic Risk and Environmental Sustainability with Simulation Models” from May 20 through May 25, 2013 at the University of Georgia Campus in Griffin, Georgia, USA. (more…)

2nd Global TOA-MD Modeling Course

A TOA-MD modeling course will be offered Spring 2013, involving self-guided learning, webinars and a workshop on June 17-21 at Oregon State University. Individuals interested in participating are asked to submit an application by February 15, 2013.

TOA-MD is a novel modeling approach to simulate agricultural technology adoption and to assess technology impacts, ecosystem service supply, and impacts of environmental change (including climate change). More information about TOA-MD is available at, as well as information and photos from the 1st Global TOA-MD workshop held in June 2012. (more…)