C3MP Downloads

The following documents support the activities of the AgMIP Coordinated Climate-Crop Modeling Project (C3MP). Please register at the C3MP registration page if you have not already done so, and contact c3mp@agmip.org for further information.

C3MP Protocols – Details the steps required to participate in C3MP activities.

C3MP Questionnaire – Please fill out this questionnaire to describe the experimental sites that will be run for C3MP.

C3MP Sensitivity Tests – Details the specific 99 sensitivity tests to be run for C3MP experimental sites, each containing unique carbon dioxide concentrations, temperature changes, and precipitation changes.

C3MP Results Reporting Template – Contains a template for submitting C3MP outputs to c3mp@agmip.org.

C3MP Sample DSSAT Experiment File – Example of the treatments and environmental modifications sections of a typical DSSAT experiment (.X) file demonstrating the exectution of C3MP sensitivity tests. We encourage other modeling groups to submit similar facilitating documents to c3mp@agmip.org.

C3MP APSIM Experiment File Package – Contains a routine (executable) which will create the 99 C3MP Sensitivity Tests in an APSIM-compatible weather file format for easy completion of C3MP experiments. Please refer to the README documentation inside package folder. For additional information and questions, please contact c3mp@agmip.org.

C3MP Flyer – Contains an overview of C3MP goals and analysis.