Events 2015

Implementing the AGMIP Methods and Protocols for the Climate Component

December 14th – December 15th, 2015

SENMAHI Headquarters,Jesús María, Lima, Peru

The meeting’s purpose was to review protocols of AgMIP for the climate component, as well as review available databases. The meeting down-scaled output to regional level, and prepared formats to integrate with crop simulation models.

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AGU Fall Meeting

December 14th – December 18th, 2015

Moscone Center, San Fransisco, California

The 2015 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting will be held from 14 to 18 December in San Fransisco. Over 24,000 attendees are expected to attend this conference. The AGU Fall Meeting is the largest Earth and space science meeting held.

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Sustainable Innovation Forum 2015: COP 21

December 7th – December 8th, 2015

Le Bourget, Paris, France

The Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF15) is the largest business focused event held during COP 21. This event provided an opportunity for debate regarding innovation, technology, and finance.

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GFIA Africa

December 1st – December 2nd, 2015
Durban International Convention Center, Durban, South Africa

This meeting focused on innovation and technological improvements for agriculture to assist farmers. GFIA Africa conference brought together key public decision-makers, private sector champions and civil society leaders to discuss what has been achieved through innovative technologies and approaches and how to scale up innovations including the need for responsible investing, establishing appropriate policy environments, creating regional markets and value chains as well as developing rural infrastructure.

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ASA Annual Meeting: Synergy in Science

November 15th – November 18th, 2015
Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis

This meeting hosted over 4,000 Scientists. In addition to an afternoon designated to AgMIP work, Dr. Cynthia Rosenzweig, Dr. Jim Jones, Dr. John Antle, and Dr. Jerry Hatfield, the principle investigators to AgMIP, were recognized by ASA as recipients to this year’s ASA Presidential Award.

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2015 AgMIP Rice Team Annual Workshop

October 14th – October 16th, 2015
University of Milan, Milan, Italy

This workshop focused on exchanging new materials and research on rice crop modeling. The event provided an opportunity for the international modeling community to improve tools used in the process.

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Seminario Internacional: Climate Smart Agriculture

October 6th, 2015
Santiago, Chile

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AgMIP III Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) Workshop

September 28th – October 2nd, 2015
Manizales, Colombia

This workshop introduced participants to Regional Integrated Assessment (RIA) Protocols that are being advanced in context of the emerging Coordinated Global and Regional Assessments (CGRA). The RIA protocols build on the foundation of protocols establish from AgMIP’s 30+ activites. The workshop emphasized the use of models, scenarios, and scales to enable accurate assessment of future food security, agricultural sector impacts, and related uncertainties. The workshop also helped create opportunities for multi-institutional collaboration both within and between countries, demonstrating the benefits of multi-disciplinary research activities.

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IPCC Workshop on Regional Climate Projections and their use in Impacts and Risk Analysis Studies

September 15th – September 18th, 2015
São José dos Campos, Brazil

This workshop provided the opportunity to strengthen the link between assessment of regional projections and projected impacts and risks with the goal to enhance the information IPCC can provide its users and stakeholders. The workshop brought together experts from the Working Group I and Working Group II communities.

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AgMIP Workshop on Coordinated Global and Regional Integrated Assessments of Climate Change and Food Security

September 13th – September 18th, 2015
Aspen Global Change Institute, Aspen, Colorado, USA

This workshop convened to finalize protocols for a coordinated global and regional assessment of climate change impacts on the agricultural sector. The assessment covers major regions in North and South America, Europe, Africa, East and South Asia, and Australia.

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The 5th International Symposium for Farming Systems Design

September 7th – September 10th, 2015
Le Corum Palais des Congrès, Montpelier, France

The fifth symposium for farming systems design was an opportunity to enlarge collaboration with major agronomy societies, scientific societies in other disciplines, international institutions, and initiatives that concern farming systems. The event built on the past symposium.

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AgMIP China Training Workshop

September 7th – September 10th, 2015
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing, China

This training session was organized with the focus of attracting and facilitating more young researchers to participate in AgMIP’s global and regional Assessment of Climate Change and Food Security.

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MARCO Symposium 2015 “Next Challenges of Agro-Environmental Research in Monsoon Asia”

August 26th – August 28th, 2015
Epochal Tsukuba, Takezono, Tsukuba, Japan

This symposium provided a venue for: exchanging status quo of problems and latest results of studies, the discussion of next challenges to research, and ways to strengthen collaboration.

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XIX Brazilian Congress of Agrometeorology

August 23rd – August 28th, 2015
Federal University of Lavras, Lavras, MG CEP, Brazil

The theme of this event was: Agrometeorology in the 21st century: The challenge of sustainable use of Brazilian biomes.

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Interdisciplinary Workshop on Merging Crop Modeling Genetics

July 19th – July 25th, 2015
University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA

The main objectives of this workshop were to address methods and procedures that can be used to create gene-based models, and to promote collaboration between crop modelers and plant geneticists and breeders. While individuals in these fields share the common objective of predicting phenotypes of crops, their approaches differ, and this workshop worked to improve communication among collaborators.

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World Congress on Crop-Livestock-Forestry Systems

July 12th – July 17th, 2015
Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center, Brasilia

This conference and symposium provided an opportunity to update research findings on environmental conservation/impacts and economic outcomes and technological innovations. The meeting was focused around three themes: Technology, Environment and Socio-economics.

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Our Common Future Under Climate Change: International Scientific Conference

July 7th – July 10th, 2015
UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France

This conference was the largest forum for the scientific community to come together before the COP 21 of the UNFCCC in 2015. The conference addressed key issues concerning climate change in the broader context of global change. The conference focused on future solutions.

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AgMIP Phase 2 Fundamentals Workshop

June 24th – June 30th, 2015
A’Zambezi River Lodge, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

The AgMIP Phase 2 Fundamentals Workshop consisted of hands-on multidisciplinary learning and planning meetings designed to build skills needed to successfully continue the Phase 2 research.

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Hands-on training for RZWQM2

June 1st – June 5th, 2015
USDA-ARS-PA, ASR, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Root Zone Water and Quality Model 2 is a cropping system model developed by the Agricultural Systems Research Unit (ASR). This event offered participants an in-depth overview of the model, as well as in-depth training in using the model.

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IPCC Experts Meeting on Scenarios

May 18th – May 23rd, 2015
International Institute for Applied System Analysis, Laxemburg, Austria

The purpose of the meeting was to take stock of the achievements of the process during the AR5 cycle, to facilitate dialogue and share available information across scientific communities, and to discuss the possible role of scenarios in future IPCC products.

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DSSAT 2015 International Training Program

May 18th to May 23rd, 2015
University of Georgia Griffin Campus, Griffin, Georgia, USA

This training program, titled “Assessing Crop Production, Nutrient Management, Climatic Risk and Environmental Sustainability with Simulation Models,” focused on familiarizing participants with the Decision Support System for agrotechnology Transfer (DSSAT) and the Cropping System Model (CSM) for simulation of crop growth and yield, soil and plant water, nutrient and carbon dynamics, and the application of models to real world problems.

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Data Harmonization Workshop

May 11th – May 15th, 2015
National Agricultural Library, Beltsville, Maryland

This workshop’s purpose was to enhance the efficiency with which data from the USDA research program are applied to research on agricultural systems analysis and modeling. The workshop worked to fulfill five primary objectives.

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FACCE CropM Irrigation Modeling Workshop

May 5th – May 7th, 2015
Cranfield Water Science Institute, Bedford, UK

FACCEJPI, in coordination with Cranfield University, hosted a hands on training course designed for EU registered post graduate students working in agricultural systems research. The course focused on providing students with hands on training in new techniques to modeling water and energy use in irrigated agriculture.

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GreenAid Conference 2015

April 15th – April 17th, 2015
Hotel Ngor Diarama Dakar, Dakar, Senegal

This series of conferences focused around the major issues of revegetation of arid and semi-arid regions to deal with climate change.

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MACSUR Conference

April 8th – April 10th, 2015
University of Reading, Reading, UK

The MACSUR Science Conference was held for the purpose of developing the future agenda for integrated climate risk assessment in agriculture and food, reflecting on the achievements of MACSUR I.

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Third Global Science Conference on Climate Smart Agriculture

March 16th – March 18th, 2015
Montpelier, France

This conference brought together nearly 500 participants from all world regions in a major event leading up to COP21. The major conference fulfilled the following objectives: updated the science basis, showcased key scenarios for agriculture and food systems, identified priorities for early action, interfaced with policy forums through the integration of key research issues, and designed and identified an action plan.

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5th AgMIP Global Workshop

February 25th – February 28th, 2015
Emerson Alumni Hall, Gainesville, Florida, USA

AgMIP’s fifth annual Global Workshop enabled AgMIP group interaction and planning. The workshop reviewed results and progress before shifting focus towards prioritizing Next Generation knowledge products and model improvements for sustainable farming systems and climate change impacts and adaptation. The workshop concluded with advancing strategy for coordinated global and regional assessments of climate change impacts on food security.

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Workshop for Advancing Pest and Disease Modeling

February 23rd – February 25th, 2015
Straughn IFAS Extension Professional Development Center, Gainesville, Florida, USA

The purpose of this workshop was to review the recent progress on modeling of pests and diseases, the effects of pests and diseases on crop yields, and the economic impacts of pests, to advance modeling in use of regional and global assessments. Recent progress on modeling was summarized before teams and strategies were developed for intercomparing insect and disease models for use in assessing crop production and economic impacts at both the regional and global scale. The workshop concluded with developing plans for publishing a special issue on modeling pests and diseases.

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ILSI 2015 Annual Meeting

January 16th – January 21st, 2015
Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort, Chandler, Arizona, USA

The International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) North America held its annual meeting in January in conjunction with ILSI, ILSI Research Foundation and HESI. Some of the scientific sessions were organized by other ILSI entities.

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