Grasslands sensitivity to climate change

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The workshop ‘Grasslands sensitivity to climate change’ that will be held in Madrid on May 21st 2014 is available.

Please click here to register for the workshop.

The main objective of this event will be to discuss the first results of sensitivity analysis for Grasslands that we have launched in collaboration with C3MP (coordinated climate-crop modeling project). It tests the sensitivity of Grasslands to climate drivers (T, P, CO2) with models that have already been tested/calibrated for specific sites.

In addition, please note that this workshop is a side-event. It follows the conference on Livestock, Climate Change and Food Security (May 19th – 20th ), and precedes the 3rd Annual Meeting of the European Project AnimalChange (May 22nd & 23rd ; restricted to members of the AnimalChange project). Please find below the announcement for the conference. Registration links and additional information are available by following: