North America Workshop

AgMIP North America Workshop Summary CoverThe AgMIP North American Regional Workshop, funded by USDA and NOAA, was held at Ames, Iowa September 4-7 2012. The workshop brought together individuals from Canada, Mexico, and the United States representing interests in climate, crop modeling, economics,and information technology communities to:

• Demonstrate and build capacity for regional research activities described in the AgMIP Protocols at pilot locations using multiple models to understand important uncertainties of climate impacts on agricultural production and food security.

• Evaluate the CO2, temperature, and water interactions using available data and their effect on the performance and improvement of multiple crop models.

• Assess the impact of climate change and variability on agricultural production in North America

• Address the economic impacts of climate change on agriculture in North America

• Determine the key climate variability and change-related questions for agriculture in North America

• Build a transdisciplinary community of scientists including expertise in agronomy, soil science and hydrology, climate science, agricultural economics, and information technologies

• Develop a strategy for a continued path toward integrating the community and science toward a continuing assessment process.

The workshop summary (in pdf form here) is presented as outcomes from each of the five different components of the AgMIP effort: crop modelling, economics, climate, information technology, and regional assessment.