AgMIP – MACSUR Memorandum of Understanding signed

AgMIP-MACSUR The global challenge of food security for a growing world population requires the collaboration of scientists. Researchers of the Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP) and the FACCE JPI knowledge hub FACCE MACSUR (Modelling Climate Change with Agriculture for Food Security) are already cooperating in many activities and jointly planning research projects. To facilitate an intensive future collaboration between the research teams in FACCE MACSUR and in AgMIP a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been developed jointly and signed by representatives of both projects at the FACCE MACSUR International Symposium and Workshop of CropM on ‘Modelling climate change impacts on crop production for food security’ in Oslo.

The symposium in Oslo has highlighted the challenges that remain for crop modelling, the need to integrate these with livestock and economic models, and the strength of the international research communities working on these challenges. Through their independent efforts, AgMIP and FACCE MACSUR have worked to unite these communities. With the MoU, collaboration in these efforts will be enhanced as teams in both projects strengthen their commitment to jointly advance research. The outcome will be improved climate, crop, livestock and economic models and integrated understanding of the agricultural impacts of climate change and variability and adaptation strategies.

“AgMIP is pleased to have this MOU with our MACSUR colleagues,” said Cynthia Rosenzweig, who leads AgMIP together with Jim Jones, Jerry Hatfield, and John Antle. “Many at MACSUR have already been strong contributors in AgMIP activities. Martin Banse, who coordinates the FACCE MACSUR along with Richard Tiffin, emphasizes, “this MoU will help communicate and deepen our current collaboration and provide a good example for strengthening collaboration in other regions of the world where researchers of FACCE MACSUR are looking forward to contribute.”